Ten Minute Date Line – Part 2

So I bet there are at least three of you wondering what happened with Server B (for those of you that aren’t caught up, click here).  Let me first and foremost remind you that this is my life we’re talking about. Moving on.

The boy stood me up!

Thursday rolled around and I hadn’t heard from him and this all had happened on Sunday.  I noticed and was a little surprised after all his grand gestures, but at the same time I didn’t really care enough to do anything about it.  Rookie move on his part for planning a date so far in advance when we met three seconds prior.  Somehow though, this guy managed to get in my head… this is a fault in the makeup of girls… so I did as any girl does and  drafted a number of texts only to erase them and rewrite them until I realized that this MFer had me cornered into a lose/lose/lose situation!!!  I don’t ever lose.  Especially to a guy I don’t even want to go out with.  Here were my options:

a) send the casual “Hey – we still on for tonight?” text (it took me the better half of 10 minutes to come up with that, mind you).  But that makes it look like I was excited to go on a date with him and also implies that I’m more interested than I actually am.  Damnit.  B – 1, S – 0

b) forget about the date altogether and go apt hunting.  Then I look like an asshole and get blamed for standing him up.  Damnit.  B – 2, S – 0

c) get ready just in case he shows up at my doorstep, because let’s be real… for all I know he’d do it!  I’d risk feeling wicked desperate, but at least I wouldn’t sacrifice my pride (option a) or be called an asshole (option b).  Eh.  B – 3, S – 0

HOW DID HE DO THIS!??!?!  I’m telling you.  This guy is some kind of sick genius.  I opted for a hybrid of options b and c… I got home, got out of work clothes and put on something cuter than apt hunting clothes (athletic shorts and a hoodie), but definitely not on par with a date outfit (skinny jeans, slutty tank and wedges) which resulted in a super casual, but well fitted (read: my ass looks hot) dress.  I also left the house around 645p so I would be gone in case he really did show up at 7p.  B – 3, S – .5.  There’s no way in hell I was letting him get the shutout.

I really do need to find an apartment, so I went to the part of the city where I’m wanting to live to see what it was like at night (aka – is it cheap because it’s dangerous?), where the bars were (aka – I need a homebar within walking distance) and what parking is like after hours.  Priorities.  What that turned into was me driving my thug BMW around in the ghetto and getting really really lost for a few hours.  Story for another day.

I finally decided I was done with my search and wanted to grab dinner and a beer.  I went to a nicer part of downtown, found a bar, and felt way more in my element.  After a few beers it was 10p and I was tipsy enough to text B:

S: Hey boy – you stood me up!  (casual, but also a callout)

B: I’m so sorry but K told me you say yes to everyone

S: Awwwww well that’s lame

B: I thought so too

S: I’ve been here a month – a little curious who everyone is. Ooooohhhh welllllll

S (double text): And for the record… Fur all I know you could ask every girl out that comes in and sits at the bar.  Two way street my fried (drunk giveaway)

S (trip text): haha *friend

No response.  I’m going to back Ryan up on this and say that the double text leads to no good, but the biggest takeaway is that I need a better wingman… wtf, K?!

B called me Friday night around midnight – I was at a concert and laughed with my gf as I pressed decline.  He left a voicemail groveling, telling me how sorry he was and how he still really wants to go out sometime.  Blah blah blah.  I did my research and found out from K that he was working Saturday noon to 5p so naturally I called him at 3p to cover my bases and also not have to actually talk to him… two can play this game, sir.  He called me back Saturday night after work but I was already out to dinner with a few people.  Instead of a voicemail he texted me and said to give him a call when I had a chance.  I said “Word – have a great night” and I still haven’t had that chance… my bad.



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