The Ricky Davis

If you are a Boston Celtics fan then you remember when Ricky Davis was a major contributor for the team in the mid-2000s (before they were good). Davis was a swingman who came off the bench and was one of the best 6th men in the league for a season or two, yet his extremely selfish style of play led to him having quite a few critics. One of his most controversial moves was when Davis was one rebound away from a triple double and decided to shoot on his own basket in order to get credit for the 10th rebound.  This selfish maneuver was immediately overturned by the league and caused him to lose the respect of many Celtic’s fans.
So naturally one of the best moves to do at a bar is called the Ricky Davis.

The concept is very simple, and simply involves throwing one of your friends at a girl in order for you to get the glory. You walk up to an unsuspecting girl that you do not know and introduce your friend to them out of the blue. The girl will talk to your friend while you simply stand off to the side and laugh and nod. At this point you will notice the girl occasionally looking over at you and trying to understand what you are doing. “Wait, you never told me what your name is?” is a common response to receive at this point. This is a good sign, it means that she is interested in you. You can now start talking to the girl while your friend stands there and if you are going well then you can take over the conversation.

Sidenote: At this point if she doesn’t say anything to you and is hitting it off with your friend, don’t be a dick and cut him off. If anything set him up with a very odd line that he has to work himself out of. That would be funny, you will all laugh about it someday.

It is important to note that if you are Ricky Davis’d (RD’d) than you should not be upset, it is merely a play in the big scheme of things.  You can easily RD your friend, probably even that night in order to get even and its important to remember that girls usually come in packs.  This can easily help you get into a large group of them.

Endnote: This may be confused with “Have you met Ted” from How I Met Your Mother but this has a way better name.

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