Random Question: Is 50 Shades of Grey the New Lower Back Tattoo?

As a heterosexual male who is naïve to what is going on, what is the deal with the 50 Shades of Grey craze? I know its been out for a while now but I just have to ask the question of what is going on with it. From the miniscule amount of knowledge I have of the books it seems that they are basically hardcore porn in a book format that girls have been eating up. The difference between normal porn and this is that girls read it out in the open like its no big deal. This is the crazy fact that gets me, I mean you don’t see some bro checking out Brazzers on the train but girls everywhere are proudly waving their flag of sexual deviance through reading this book.

So we’ve covered the fact that we are living in a time and place where its perfectly acceptable for girls to read porn in public but how should guys respond to this? When speaking to my cousin about a girl I was interested in, her only response was “she is reading 50 Shades of Grey, you are good to go.” I almost fell out of my seat. Is this really that easy of a “let’s have crazy sex because right now I can only get off to this book and the papercuts are starting to add up” scenario? If so sign me up! I’ll start handing out those books like there is no tomorrow.

Sidenote: If you think that I haven’t searched on Facebook more than once to see if anyone has “liked” 50 shades of Grey to gain potential lay-ups then you are an idiot.

Double Sidenote: No one does. Damn.

I think I may have to spend some more time at Barnes & Noble near the “Promiscuous Adult Book Section” or wherever they keep these things to see if I can scope any easy targets that are looking to live out their two dimensional fantasies in the real world.

Further Reading: Check out a great post on 50 Shades of Grey from our blogging friend Roman! http://50shadesofroman.com/2012/09/18/my-thoughts-on-jersey-shore-and-50-shades-of-grey/

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