Sunday Afternoon Pipe Organ Concert: Bro Suicide

It goes without saying that I miss being in the office with Ryan like crazy.  We chat all the time on our firm’s IM system and keep each other caught up on our daily failures attempts with the opposite sex.  Love that guy (for some reason I’m writing this as if he’s not going to see it…) However, I need a local office bro that I can grab lunch with, take coffee breaks with and grab a happy hour beer with here and there.  I need a Ryan replacement, if you will.  Office bros are great because as a general rule, any guy that works at our firm (I don’t care if he’s in the Shanghai office) is off limits to this girl and I can friend zone him to the max without feeling guilty.

A few weeks back an email was sent to my local office (which is SUPER small) introducing us to the new hires/transfers.  Giuliani** looked about my age that had just transferred to this office from my old office… what are the odds?? Target acquired.

**We here at Can I Get Ur Number? protect the privacy of the people we blog about by using nicknames for everyone but ourselves… no, his name is not actually Giuliani… no, he is not from Jersey Shore**

I sent Giuliani an email and let him know that I too just transferred here from the same office and would love to grab lunch sometime.  He was all about it and invited me to lunch with a woman in the office that also just transferred from our old office… small world, right??  Lunch was fine… the woman paid for it… but you could tell by the way Giuliani was cutting his cedar plank salmon that he was itching to bro.  He could tell that I too wanted to bro, so after lunch we made side plans to grab a beer off hours.

A week or so went by and I was having a hellish Thursday so I sent Giuliani an IM on our firm’s chat system to see if he was free for a beer after work.  He wasn’t, but before I could feel totally rejected he said “But I’m free tomorrow” … mmmm…. Friday beer vs. Thursday beer is pushing the bro line there, but I accepted because I didn’t want to drag out trying to make plans.  Neither of us really know the area, so I suggested K’s restaurant because it’s close to the office and they  generally hook me up with a discount and/or a few drinks.  The vibe for the place is a little too swanky for my taste and DEFINITELY out of the bro zone… but who can say no to nearly free drinks??? Not this girl.

this is the view from the dining room… I’m not joking, this place is baller.

I got to the restaurant first, so I sat down and ordered a drink.  Server B greeted me and proceeded to ask me out for the 32043205th time… (that’s still ongoing btw… not worth another blog post though).  Giuliani showed up and we had a great time.  Eight beers and an app later, we closed out our $30 tab (love them) and called it a night.

I’ll spare you the details of how awesome Giuliani is and how excited I am about our budding bro-ship, but essentially we are both looking for friends of the opposite sex and have no idea how to find them.  We both want to do all those stupid things that locals are either too cool to try, or have already done a thousand times… what HE meant by that was sign up for the social sports leagues together.  He’s a bro. I should have known.  I took it to an entirely new level….

There is a world renowned outdoor pipe organ at this ginormous park near my apartment.  (sidenote – I just said ‘world renowned’ to try and sway people into thinking I’m not weird… I’m not sure if it’s actually world renowned)  Every Sunday at 2p there is a free concert.  Do you see where this is going?

I pulled my phone out to text Giuliani and invite him along… (whyyyyyyyy)

Me: First test for stupid/awesome things to do… Free pipe organ concert at Balboa Park… 2p today :/

Him: Ah! Any other time I would but I’m actually driving right now to pick up my friend to go rock climbing  ((Likely excuse…))

Me: hahahaha aaaahhhh!!!!! I knew that was going to be a gamble… I was debating sending you that that text altogether.  Please still be my friend 🙂

WHERE WERE YOU ON THAT ONE RYAN!??!?!?!?  PIPE ORGAN CONCERT!??!?!  WTF WAS I THINKING!??!?!  *siiiigh… lesson learned.  No more pipe organ invitations to guys.  Giuliani definitely just took the bullet for a few guys there… what a bro.

in the meantime… I had a GREAT time rocking the pipes solo. They even pass out sun-brellas!

You’ll be glad to know that bro-ship has been saved and we’re making plans for Saturday night.  AND – I just sent him the website for Beer Week.  Bro status: confirmed.

ok but before I go… they let us go on stage after the concert!!!

AND go inside to check out the pipes 🙂 🙂 🙂 (I’ll stop now………..)

8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Pipe Organ Concert: Bro Suicide

  1. OMG….I would have given my (insert random appendage) to go to that!

    I’m completely serious…drinks before impromptu pipe organ concert, followed by pipe organ concert with a hottie, and concluding with drinks (and cheesecake)… with said hottie???!!!

    I. Am. Smitten.

    • hahaha well where are ya?!??! would you also have cried when they closed with everyone standing and singing the national anthem together? because I sure did….n’t? (i did).
      there does happen to be an awesome looking restaurant with a great/cutesy patio in the park. and the museums throughout the park are free every tuesday…. taking the ‘man’ out of romance one day at a time 😉

  2. Did you see my Hypersexual waiter post? So glad you can relate! This pipe organ thing is right in my wheelhouse. Ps I’m gonna be in Boston with Murph this weekend and I am DYING to meet you.

    • hahaha yes, your post was hilarious! and you are correct… i no longer live in boston 😦 saddest day… ever? yup. you should come visit with murph and arria in november!! something tells me i am going to need another lady to balance the bro-dom that will go down.

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