So this is a post from a friend of CanIGetYourNumber, my friend Val. Check out her blog if you get a chance you will enjoy her struggles with relationships as well! -R


[Hey kids! Welcome to what I hope will become a recurring post, “Please Stop That”. In “Please Stop That”, I will talk about things that I believe we, as a human race, should just stop doing. I hope that my pleas will help us improve as a species.]

I had had a hankering for Red Robin for a few weeks before satisfying my craving at lunch today. I have a lot of respect for Red Robin as an establishment, because like Johnny Rockets, Burger King, and Chili’s, they do not make a living of alienating all the herbivores out there who also happen to enjoy a good burger. I am able to substitute a veggie patty onto ANY of their burgers. What a great country! But today, as I was enjoying a burger, fries, and a couple few fountain sodas with a friend, I was a little distracted from my…

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