Octoberfest and Crazy Nurses

Oh Octoberfest, how you bring out the best in people.  Went to an Octoberfest celebration with a lot of people this past weekend and really enjoyed the people watching that occurred. For starters, the crowd at these events in my city is not very diverse. A lot of white young professionals from the city that went to good schools: basically a lot of Romney votes in the area.

It is very important to note that I would put Octoberfest-drunk on an equal level with birthday-drunk, which is why I specifically did not tell any girls that I would be attending this year (and told a girl I was interested in that I was out of town for the weeknd [only to text her that night, fail]). Last year started with me giving real talks to random girls at the festival and ended up with my friend Don and I taking a cab back from a bar where I was drunk to the point that I thought I was being kidnapped (sorry Don). Well played Ryan!

People come from far and wide to come to this particular Octoberfest celebration, so some ghosts from your past end up coming out and sending you very random texts. I received one such text from Crazy Rhode Island Nurse (CRIN) at around 4PM notifying me that she was coming to Octoberfest and would like to see me.

Sidenote: I met CRIN at a club in my city one night and was hooking up with her when we had this interaction:

Ryan: Hey this has been really fun, do you want to head back to my place and listen to some music? (admittedly weak but not horrendous)

CRIN: I can’t go back with you, I’m a good girl so I can’t go back with you.

Ryan: Well I think that you could…(awful follow up)

CRIN: I’m a good girl, good girls can’t go back with guys they just met. (ugh)

(and about 5 minutes and 10 more “good girls” later I got her number and left the bar. Not worth putting up with that. She agreed that she’d hit me up whenever she was in town and I’d do the same down in her city).

So suffice to say this girl may be mentally unstable but who knows for sure. One thing that is for sure is that she surely has multiple personalities:

CRIN: Hey I’m at Octoberfest tonight in [my city], what are you up to?

Ryan: I am as well! Leaving right now though, sorry!

CRIN: K whatever

Why on Earth would I respond to a text like that? Interesting conversation, thanks for playing Ryan and have a good night, right? Wrong, when you’ve had 12 beers you can’t go down that early so I decided to drag out the conversation which ended up with ended up going back and forth between happy CRIN and unhappy CRIN. Case in point:

Almost this exact conversation occurred THREE TIMES over the course of the day. Essentially this conversation was going:

CRIN: Hey I haven’t seen you in a while what are you up to?

Ryan: Hey good to hear from you, I’m going to (insert bar name here) but we should meet up!

CRIN: No I don’t know where that is, I think my friends are lame. Sorry for texting you.

Ryan: Don’t worry about it, I’m glad you texted me, let me know if your plans change.

CRIN: Yeah sorry we aren’t going out so I guess I’m never going to see you again.

CRIN (Double text): Hey I’m drunk let’s hang out.

We went through this cycle several times, each resulting in her apologizing for texting me, and then asking me to hang out drunk, and then repeating that she actually could not in fact hang out. Long story short, we did not hang out and I received another apology text Sunday (which I responded to politely, don’t want to burn the bridge that easily).

The main thing to keep in mind was that I never went out of my way for this girl (like I did in the Temple Run story) and continued to have fun with my friends all the while. I’ve pretty much learned that if a girl actually wants you to meet up she will make more of an effort than sending a couple cryptic text messages. Also, if a girl is as drunk as this girl presumably was it would not be an ideal situation to meet up as I’m not going to be able to take care of anyone (nor do I want to) after a day of debauchery. Pick your battles and pick the appropriate times to make your next move with a girl and you will be rewarded. Try to make something happen when you are heavily intoxicated and you may blow your chance and destroy all the ground work you put in. If anything you will have an amusing text conversation that you can tell your bros about…

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