That Time I Had a Tramp Stamp

Hey devoted readers, wanted to clarify up front that this is a Ryan story so I won’t sully Sarah’s good name with this piece. Alright cool, now that we got the legal stuff out of the way we can proceed.

Halloween weekend is one of my favorite times of the year. In a conversation I had with my friend Ted we determined the best drinking holidays of the year are:

  1. Birthday (was blackout and wandered home, sorry no blog post on this)
  2. 4th of July (Stayed up til 4AM trying to hook up with a girl, didn’t work, went home)
  3. Halloween (This blog post)
  4. New Year’s Eve (Temple Run Post)

I have neglected to inform you about the #1 and #2 drinking holidays because, frankly, I really don’t remember much about them.  They are basically just a blurry mess of fun. However, I was careful to pay attention to what was happening this Halloween so I could tell everyone in cyber-world about my activities.

This Pumpkin had One Too Many

So on Friday my friend and I decided to go to a house party the next town over. The kid’s apartment was a couple stories tall and had its own hot tub, so it was going to be an epic evening. Carlos and I were going over to the party so we expected it to be a lot of fun. We were dressed up as hippies complete with many temporary tattoos (amazing how many you can buy for $2). I threw about eight on each arm and for fun threw on a tramp stamp of a smiley. My subconscious goal of the night was to try and get a girl to comment on it but we’d see what would happen.

As with every other Facebook event it is essential to check the guest list to see the girls who will be attending the party in order to get some good research in. What girls are going? What girls are cute? What girls have boyfriends? There is truly a science to it. I was excited to see that there were many excited prospects going to the party so it should be an interesting night.

We made our way over to the party and quickly found out that there was really no way that we could go from the apartment to a bar due to its location. It would have been about a $50 cab into the city, not exactly what you want to do if you’re trying to cut back.  However this was good because, for lack of a better term, the girls would have more trouble escaping to another party. Captive audience means that you seem more interesting.

We made the rounds at the party and tried to get the scope of the situation. Beer pong inside, beer pong outside, and 90s music; definitely my kind of a party. It goes without saying that the best part of Halloween is that girls dress up in skanky costumes and want to talk to you about your costume. I always go pretty hard for Halloween since it’s such a great chance to meet new people and take advantage of lower than average inhibitions.

Flower Power

Carlos and I had made our rounds for about an hour (you can’t rush into these things) and at this point we were pretty sauced. We went outside and saw a couple real cute girls who didn’t appear to be with any guys so we asked them to play beer pong. I was teamed up with a Robin Hood girl (1) and Carlos was with Little Bo Peep (solid 1) so we were both happy about the situation.  When Robin Hood had said what her name was (very Irish name) her and I got into a debate with her about whose name was more Irish (not very surprising if you know me). With no conclusive victor we put our differences aside and moved on with the game. The two girls knew friends of mine from home (which helped them like Carlos and I more) and were a lot of fun. While Robin Hood was the girl I liked more out of the two, she was TERRIBLE at beer pong. I’m pretty sure she hit one cup in the first game and two in the second. It was going to be a long night.

During the second game I was talking to her when I bent over to pick up a ball off the ground:

Robin Hood: (laughing) Um, Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah what’s up?

Robin Hood: Um…do you have a tramp stamp? (awkward)

Ryan: Yeah…about that. Figured it would go well with the costume.

Robin Hood: Haha yeah…let’s just play pong and move on from that.


Luckily Robin Hood had a sense of humor so she actually liked me more because of it. However, this did nothing to improve her miserable pong skills and we proceeded to lose four games while Carlos and Bo Peep just simply demolished us.

These people LOVE Beer Pong

The vibe was great but I started to notice that Bo Peep continued to drift toward the other guy in the group, sorry Carlos might not be your night. I asked the girls where they lived and much to my dismay they said an area that was a solid 40 minutes from where we were (bummer) so there was literally no way I was going to try and travel that far for not even close to a sure thing. Also, there were limited areas to go in the apartment and I was not about to try and convince the girl to go to the dark and awkward area behind the apartment (basically screams rape). Had to swallow some pride and get the number in order to make the night worthwhile. Got the number, texted her yesterday and might meet up this weekend. Smells like victory.

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