The West Coast Chronicles: College Girls Part II

Continued from Part 1

To recap, Mario and I were in Sarah’s city on the West Coast out at the club with a couple local college girls. I was at the bar with my college girl (Young the Giant Girl).

So YOTG and I go back out to the dance floor and continue dancing, make out a little and the lights come on saying its time to leave. I had admittedly been doing a good job chatting her up all night so I kind of figured that my evening was going to continue. Then I realized that would mean I would be going back to a college to hook up with her…YESSSS. The novelty of this is enough for me to travel to this school, wherever it was (famous last words).

Mario is talking to his girl and making moves with her but my girl won’t go back (surprise, surprise I pick the prudish one). In a stroke of good friendship Mario stays with me rather than going back with his girl (thanks for not abandoning me 3,000 miles from home!) and we leave the bar. The girl I was dancing with refused to give me her number because “she’s not like that” (?) but took mine and said she might text me. I’ll hold my breath.

Mario and I leave the bar and jump in a taxi after walking ten minutes to find one (sounds like home!). Almost as soon as we jump in I get a text from a random number saying “Come to McDonald’s we’re here now!” I am above a few things but I am certainly not above going to McDonald’s to try and seal the deal with a girl.  We tell the cabbie to reroute to the McDonald’s and we dig deep to find a second wind (Local time 2AM, 5AM East Coast).

After a brief ride Mario and I enter McD’s to see around 50 kids our age yelling and screaming in line as they wait to get food. Low and behold the mystery texter is YTGG (surprise, surprise) and she is sitting across the restaurant (for lack of a better word) with an exhausted-looking Sorority 1.

I sit next to YTGG and Mario sits next to the sorority girl and we start talking and eating nugs. Despite the fact that YTGG had constantly reminded me that she is a “good girl” she started rubbing my leg under the table. Apparently she was “that kind of girl.” I was feeling pretty classy right about now, but my hopes of going back with them were being rekindled and it was better than sitting in Sarah’s living room so whatever.

At this point sorority 1 was exhausted so Mario and I broke out our pick up lines to try to wake them up (always seems like a good idea when drunk). This consisted of some of the classics “your eyes are the same color as my Porsche” and some of the not as successful lines “my Grandma gave me $20, can I buy you a drink?” The girls were absolutely eating it up and I saw our chances of a nightcap slowly increasing. After all, you can’t slow play a girl when you’re 3,000 miles from home.

Oh no, I’m not tired at all

At this point I had somehow talked my way into us getting a ride back with them to their school, where we could get a taxi.  This was an awful, terrible idea because that was further away from Sarah’s apartment then the bar but in my head I could talk my way into the girls bed on the way there. This is what people refer to as blind, unwarranted confidence.

After hanging out with the girls for a little more time I volunteer to go find the car with YTGG. She is still saying that we couldn’t hook up because “that’s not who she is” when we got in the car and she started rubbing my legs again. What is with this girl?! We make it back to the bar to get Mario and the girls and surprise, surprise; the 0 from earlier is hooking up with some random dude and stalling our progress.

After a long wait we finally lure the beast into the car and take off after she says “why are these boys here?” Jeez, as if you could be any more miserable. We take a LONG car ride back to the girls dorm and get out of the car seemingly in the middle of nowhere. At this point YTGG had already asked me if I would go visit her at California Pizza Kitchen the next day (how old are you?!!) and it was beginning to be clear that Mario and I would not be hooking up with either girl.

At this point it is 4:00 in the morning (7AM EST) so I am basically just looking for a bed to sleep in but they are encouraging us to get a cab. YTGG leaves for the night right away (womp) and I proceed to call every taxi company in the area to get a ride back to Sarah’s. However, while we wait for a cab we manage to give our friend Cob a call on the East Coast as he was just getting up for work. He proceeds to have a hilarious conversation with Mario’s sorority 1 and by the time he was done the cab had arrived.  We end up getting to Sarah’s at 4:30AM laughing because of how ridiculous the night was and then proceed to die of a hangover for the next couple days. California girls get you every time.


More to come of our West Coast Excursions

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