Marine Jeff: Part II – The Hotel Room

Where did we leave off?  Oh yes… he had a hotel room close by.

::Spoiler Alert!!:  Nothing crazy happened.  It’s pretty obvious to everyone (Marine Jeff included) that I am not a girl who goes home with random guys I meet at the bar… so Marine Jeff’s tactic to get me back to his hotel room was something along the lines of “I’m not trying to be a creep but I also want to keep hanging out with you… you’re welcome to come back with me if you like but no worries if not.”  Yes, I’m sure there was some truth in that, but I’m also not an idiot… the problem was that I really wanted to hangout with him!  But I also didn’t want to be some bar-bitch that fell for his antics.  But he was also wicked cute!  I managed to finagle my way around feeling like a bar-bitch and our conversation went something like this:

Indecisive Sarah: Hmmm.  (long pause) Where’s your hotel?

MJ: [Ripley] Square… it’s about a ten minute walk from here.

Has An Idea Sarah: Yes, I know where that is.  That’s right where my office is.  Do you know where that is??

MJ: Sweetheart (ugh, degrading pet name)… I’m from here.  Yes, I know where it is.  (Seeing through my antics)

Awkward Non-Slutty Sarah:  Seriously??  You’re so lost.  I can’t believe your friends left you.  Let me walk you back.

You'd get lost too!  I just couldn't  bring myself to let him wander around that ;)

You’d get lost too! I just couldn’t bring myself to let him wander around that 😉

He insisted that he knew where he was going… probably to emphasize the fact that I was making this conscious decision and he was not tricking me into going home with him.  Whatever, let’s get on with it.  Truth be told, the hotel room details are nothing crazy… we goofed off, joked around and had a ton of fun.  All in all pretty innocent, but damn good.

[Have I mentioned I’m an early riser?  Sleeping in for me is 8a, no matter how much I drink or what time I go to bed.  It’s probably my most annoying quality.]

http://womenonthefence.comIn true Sarah fashion, I woke up at 6a Saturday morning [with all my clothes on] cuddled up in Marine Jeff’s arms and somehow he was just as cute as he had been the night before!  Score!  I wasn’t about to get all crazy thinking we had some special connection… Trust me, there is nothing more awkward than someone that tries to relive the glory of a drunken makeout when no one’s really feeling it.  So I did what any normal girl in my situation would do and tried to wiggle my way out of his arms without waking him up so I could sneak out and go home… after all, no one wants to be woken up at 6a… let alone by someone that was way more attractive to you when you had been drinking for 10+ hours.

Marine Jeff would not allow it.  The second I released myself from his grip he said in a sleepy stupor “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Just shut up.  Come here.”  And pulled me back in.  I would wait until he fell back asleep and try again…. repeat this exact scenario for AN HOUR AND A HALF and that was my morning.  By 730a I was dyyyying of boredom.  I finally nudged him and said “I’m sorry, I’m just really awake… like… ready to start my day awake… like two hours ago.”  He kissed me and it was innnnnnnnncredible.  Did not see that coming.  At all.

d'awwwwwww - they make a heart

d’awwwwwww – they make a heart

I left He finally let me leave the hotel room around 9a… I even tried to leave without giving him my number but he insisted.  Ugh.  I gave him my number and left.  Sure enough, before I had even made it back to my apartment I had a text from him that said ‘Just remember… you celebrated Veteran’s Day the right way.’ What a douche.  I responded and said ‘What can I say, I am a true patriot’ and that was that.

if this isn't the face of a true patriot, I'm not sure what is

if this isn’t the face of a true patriot, I’m not sure what is

Sometime within the next day Marine Jeff and I were texting about hanging out again.  This is when he told me that he had every intention to take me out to dinner while he was in The City on leave but his orders got pushed up.  Instead he had to go back to North Carolina the next day and leave for Afghanistan later that week.  It’s the military and no one knows better than me that this kind of thing happens all the time…. but to this day I still call buuuullshiiiiiiit.  I may be cute and sweet, but I’m also not an idiot.  I told him no worries and that I completely understood.

The surprise was that even after he left The City and was in NC that week, he texted/called me everyday.  Turns out he’s hilarious and we have a lot in common.  Ugh.

So what do I do being excited that I finally met someone that piques my interest?  Well stay tuned for Part III..

(I have to apologize to you readers for turning this into some kind of saga… essentially I’m just really wanting to avoid actually having to tell you what I did and this is my passive aggressive way of hoping that the world ends before I have to embarrass myself in front of you)

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