Lion King Duets at Bars

So when I got back from visiting Sarah’s west coast city (see this, that, and this other post relating to that) I had a tan, a hangover, and a strong desire to go back as soon as possible. In order to continue the bender (because 10 days wasn’t long enough!) I went to a concert that Monday night in my home city.  I joined Esteban, his girlfriend and a few of her friends (three 1s) for a concert downtown. I really didn’t have a lot of energy in the tank but they had tallboy cans (value!) so it was off to the races.

As we all drank heavily I found out that one of the girls named Irene (few years older than me, 1) was interested in me so I had to pursue that. There was a lot of alcohol involved the previous time I met her and apparently I had come off as an asshole when talking to her (after four shots and who knows how many beers this isn’t the biggest shocker in the world) so this was a make or break night for my chances. Unfortunately for me I enjoy making things difficult and started hitting on her other friend Betsy (blond, can sing, 1) since she was a new character and had a semi-boyfriend?

I’m just telling you what I do, I have no explanations for why I am so thick-skulled.

So the concert was a great time, Esteban had a lot of fun even though we accidentally gave two of the girls better seats than us (dammit). Naturally we decided to go out to the bar afterwards, because you can never get enough alcohol on Mondays!

We decided upon a local bar that Esteban frequents for Bloody Mary’s and made our rounds over there to continue the night. For reasons unknown the bar was absolutely packed so we pulled up a spot at the bar and started talking as a group.  Someone dropped the idea of doing karaoke later that night (95% chance it was me) so we started talking about singing.

Sidenote: I did a cappella in college. No, that isn’t gay .

It wasn’t like this, thank God

I told them all about a time earlier this year (I actually haven’t blogged about this) where I was at a bar and was approached by a woman having her bachelorette party.  She had a checklist on her shirt of various things she had to do on her bachelorette party which included get a lap dance, see a six pack, and be serenaded.  While I’ve been known to tear up a dance floor lap dances are not my thing, and I drink way too much beer to have a six pack (you see where this is going). I sang the bachelorette and her friends the chorus to Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” from the Lion King and the girls loved it so much that she asked me to re-sing it for her friends. Killing it.

Of Course I know the words I'm a child of the 90s

Of Course I know the words I’m a child of the 90s

Back to the present tense, I am sitting with all the girls and all of a sudden Betsy says that if I go to karaoke with her she would do a duet with me if I could actually sing.

Betsy: We should do that duet from Lion King, do you remember it?

Ryan: Oh you mean “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”

Betsy: Yes! Do you know the words to it?!

You have to love it when life just puts things right on your plate. Of course I sang the chorus to the song and the girls all loved it. Ended up being a pretty solid Monday night and now I have something to look forward to with one of those girls. The olddddd Slowplay!!

Endnote: Apparently Betsy is really serious with the guy she was talking to now, so now the attention is turned will be turned to Irene. Have to love random Monday nights.

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