Entertaining Texts… Courtesy of Sarah’s iPhone

I have never claimed to be good at texting…. remember this post??  Or how about the Hot Mattress Salesman one? I felt the need to share a few of the funny/embarrassing texts I’ve sent/received recently(ish) that are blog worthy.  Enjoy!

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally sent a text to the person I was texting about. Here is an unfortunate example, I meant to text Ryan and instead…. well, see for yourselfhn1 hn2I was so embarrassed I just did the mature thing and didn’t respond… or leave my apartment for three days… nbd.

I’ve told you about my goofy family a couple of times… my cousins and I have a group text and this came through the other day.  You know you’re jealoustractor

Speaking of goofy family… here’s a memorable text I received from my uncle…uncleray

An excerpt of a text convo with my current interest… (interest for OBVIOUS reasons):boob1 boob2

Texting with my summer interest (we still hangout on occasion but not blog-worthy) after I had asked him to be my +1 for our work Christmas party and he denied me…. (I was already pretty tipsy so give me a bit of a break here…)e1 e2 e3 e4 e5….. conversation continued the next day (edited because he referred to himself in third person (weird) and I don’t want to give up his name)….e6e7 e8

My bff from college and I talk on the reg.  It had been a few weeks since our last update and this is the text she sent me… it’s a wonder we’re bff’s 😉taq2 taq3

And we’re going to go ahead and give Toga Teddy his own section….

Here’s the time when I was in bed sick for two days before I heard anything from him (Ryan has taken Toga Teddy’s side on just about everything but confirmed this was grounds for dismissal).  Here is his attempt to redeem himself:tt1tt2tt3To his credit… I didn’t explicitly say I felt like shit… but this is the next text I got… please note the timestamp:tt4MORE THAN 8 HOURS LATER AND YOU’RE TELLING ME ABOUT A STOOL!?!?!?!?! WHERE’S MY FUCKING SOUP!??!?! (#soooooooup)tt6tt61I give up.

I was drunk texting him one Friday (during my work event…) and here’s the end of the convo:tt7seriously???? #notcool (also #notcool to text in hashtags… mb)

He left for a ski trip and texted me more that weekend than he had in two weeks combinedtt81I’m sorry… no.  No pictures of feet.  No pictures of broken toenails.  I was just texting him because I didn’t respond to his other texts and felt bad.  And if you’re wondering, yes I am going to make you endure this, because I had to!tt9

So that’s the latest!!  You should definitely be looking forward to a post about my Christmas Eve Eve… more on that later 🙂


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