Our blog friends, Penny and Polly, always speak to truth into my heart! I love blogs with recurring characters and am so sad Gym God is no longer on the radar but could not support the decision more. Sock shoes and crocs are definite grounds from crush removal.

Penny and Polly

I am, as of 7:03 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012, officially crushless.


Yup. Gym God sauntered past me last evening wearing a pair of those FiveFingers barefoot running “shoes”. Inside. At the gym.

Just to be clear, wearing the above shoes is the 21st century equivalent of…

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  1. Thanks, S! Who knows, I’m in desperate need of some manstraction, so perhaps I’ll seek him out among the masses that have descended on my gym and give it a go. Any advice on propositioning extremely attractive men at the gym?

    P.S. Agreed. SO agreed on the Crocs.

    • One of my friends believes that “at the gym girls are at their lowest and guys are at their highest. girls look disheveled and guys look like they are in good shape and confident.” Also, I’ve been advised to stay away from hitting on girls at the gym bc thats sort of a comfort zone. I ran into a girl I hooked up with at my gym a few weeks ago and it was incredibly awkward. This doesn’t help you at all but giving you the guys perspective haha.

    • somehow I missed this string of comments – I’m so sorry! I blame R for stealing the notifications 🙂

      I will say, I’m not much of a gym flirt… we all know gym guys are fun to look at, but it’s like everything is ruined once they open their mouths. Plus most of them are in bro-zone… blegh. Plus (as Ryan mentioned), I’m not looking my finest… I typically go in oversized basketball shorts and old athlethic [unisex] tees (I believe How I Met Your Mother has an episode about this… essentially I am Robin). I’m pretty active so I know I’d like to meet someone active as well… but I’d be more apt to strike up a conversation with a guy doing something active outside of the gym… sports leagues, hikes, backyard competitions (yes I was on a club badminton team! AND was the captain!!) Just my thoughts. In the meantime…. wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah.

  2. Ry whoever quoted that must be a genius. You cant just outright hit on a girl at the gym, well you can but unless theres something wrogn with her she’ll probably find it creepy. to a degree you have to slow play, make a comment at some point about a stupid observation or something to break the ice. then since the ice is broken, whenever you see them its just natural to say hi or talk. and then you can work in the going after them or asking them to hang out.

    and regarding it beign awkward there afterwards, thats the beauty of headphones, it makes it much easier to just ignore eachother.

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