The Single Bat Signal

http://manhattaninfidel.comDid everyone catch the Sarah’s Single Bat-Signal that went out after my “breakup” with Toga Teddy?  I must have missed it but I’m convinced the universe put something out there because less than 24 hours later I started hearing from the most random guys that I haven’t talked to in a while.  Think I’m kidding?

Exhibit A: Text convo from a guy I was buddies with (read could not dodge my friend zone) when I lived in The City  – we haven’t really talked since I moved [IN JULY] and this:gw1gw2gw3gw4gw5gw6 gw7Granted, this is kind of his personality.  But still.  A little awkward if you ask me….. ALTHOUGH!  He’s a guy that makes more money than he knows what to do with and maaaaaaaaay foot the bill on part of the trip… #sorrynotsorry  Love him, appreciate his friendship, but the timing could not have been more random.

Exhibit B: Never told you the end of the story with Stefan…. because there really was no ‘end.’  Things were awwwwwwwwwesome for about a month and we saw each other every single day/couldn’t get enough of each other, and then he took a week long trip to the east coast.  I texted him twice while he was gone and never got a response… even after he got back.  I’m just as stubborn as the next girl so I wasn’t going to put myself out there again… and he did the same.  I broke the silence a month and a half later when I was desperate for a +1 to my work event.  We had a good time.  Got drunk.  Patched things up.  Didn’t hear from him again… to be expected.  UNTIL!! The day after the Toga Teddy breakup, within an hour of Exhibit A (above).

picture from that night.. does his outfit look at all familiar to you?

picture from that night.. does his outfit look at all familiar to you?

well it should because it's the same thing he wore to the wedding!  That MF'er

well it should because it’s the same thing he wore to the wedding! That MF’er

Exhibit C: Also just realized I never told you the end of Guy Friend.  The short of it was we mutually decided that we needed a break from each other… even as friends.  That sucked.  Sucked enough that I didn’t want to blog about it.  Well, within an hour of Exhibit B (above), Guy Friend called to see if I wanted to grab dinner… after not having spoken in a number of weeks.  Why not??? Great timing, Guy Friend.

Exhibit D: OJ texted, was back from his holiday vacation and was seeing if he could come to church with me.  Seahawks ended up having a game during church time.. he rain checked.

Exhibit E: Facebook message from a college crush that I haven’t spoken to since November 2011… well… I’ll post separately on that topic.  Will need your opinions there.

All this to say… what is it with the universe communicating my official singleness to guys that had absolutely no idea I had been seeing someone!?  I have E, count them EEEEEEE exhibits to prove there is something in fact going on with me and this sick, sick universe.  I was texting Ryan every time one of these things happened and he said there was not in fact a Bat Signal, but there is such thing as the New Years Resolution-ers… resulting in a new theory… The New Years Resolution Theory.

That guy never ceases to amaze me… he is so wise.  I’ll let him tell you more!

7 thoughts on “The Single Bat Signal

  1. The thought of that guy wearing the same outfit to both The Work Event and The Wedding made me laugh!

    I kind of imagine him to have a wardrobe like Doug (you know, from the cartoon Doug) where he just has several of the same shirt, the same tie and same trousers.

  2. Two things… 1. The #1 reason I joined Match in January was because of the New Years Resolutioners. 2. THIS SINGLE LADY BAT SIGNAL EXISTS!! When my ex broke up with me in June, my older ex (boyfriend for 3 years in college) texted me exactly four minutes after I had gotten home (obviously I was eating ice cream). Seriously, though, there HAS TO BE some sort of bat signal.

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