Tinder Loving Care

So I’m not sure if all of our readers have been introduced to the new (well its a few weeks old now) app Tinder for iPhone. I regret to inform all of you hipsters with Nokia Brick Phones and RAZRs that you can only get this app on iPhone, so if you don’t buy one than you will probably never find love (this message brought to you by Apple).

I was introduced to this app by a couple friends and BarstoolSports.com as a great way to have innocent and fun conversations with girls by putting seemingly zero effort in.  Tinder links to your Facebook profile and takes four pictures from your profile pictures to use to identify you.  It then asks you to choose what you are looking for (Guy searching Girl) and how big of a radius you want to use (50 miles for fun). Tinder will then let you browse through countless girls who have the Tinder app within 50 miles of you and see if you like any of them. When a girl pops up you can either press a green heart if you like them or a red ‘X’ if you do not.

You are getting a Green Heart

You are getting a Green Heart

I am a HUGE fan of this app because whoever made it basically made a real life application of the Binary Scale.  0 or 1 is the easiest way to rate these girls based on their pictures, if they have any mutual friends, and if they have any mutual “likes” on Facebook.  If you give a girl a green heart and they also give you a green heart then you have a match and are able to chat with the person on the app.

This is where the real fun comes in. While I have tried to have real conversations with a few girls on it, I usually just get into dumb conversations about the stupidest topics on there (how high can you jump?, whats your favorite album of 2012, is it weird that my friend is afraid of spiders?). I usually just give my phone to girls that I meet at bars to message Tinder girls and ask them weird questions. It really doesn’t matter because I’m probably never going to meet any of the girls on the app and the bar girls love it for some reason (whatever floats your boat!) and I get to sit back and see them type ridiculous questions.

I have been talking to a couple of girls consistently on it, and even managed to get one of them to give me their real phone number so I don’t have to use the app (it is pretty brutal to have a conversation on it).  One of the cutest girls that I’ve been matched up with happens to be a friend of a friend in my city so I was trying to have a conversation with her and meet up in the city. Last Saturday she ended up messaging me asking me to meet up with her at a local bar which I consider my biggest Tinder victory so far. Unfortunately, as is typical with my city, there was a huge line at the bar so I was unable to meet up with her. Flash forward four hours and I accidentally Tinder-Booty-Called her asking her to meet up…the picture sort of does it justice and shows why I shouldn’t take texting advice from my college-aged brother on Saturday nights.


Been trying to meet up with her this week but when people don’t go on the app it is difficult to talk to them (damn it’s limitations!) so I have to wait until she checks her account. Hopefully I have more to report back about soon!

5 thoughts on “Tinder Loving Care

  1. I have been wondering about this Tinder business for weeks. Thank you for confirming my original impression…it’s a little rapey.

  2. my favorite Ryan comments in this post: “How high can you jump” and “…choose what you are looking for (Guy searching Girl)” … forget interests/hobbies/asl… literally guy or girl, haha 🙂 Can’t wait for more tinderventures!! (no?)

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