Here’s a pretty funny tale from Val, a friend of Can I Get Your Number. We think you’ll enjoy it!


I met Ashton at American Eagle. Yes, that American Eagle…the teen clothing store that I continue to shamelessly shop at. I was arguing with his manager about the intricacies of their rewards program when I noticed that there was a pretty cute guy waiting to ring up my purchases at the register and I quickly lowered my voice to lower than the level of the loud club bangers that were the soundtrack to my teen shopping experience. I was wearing my scrubs, as this was meant to be a quick stop before work, a silly headband, and my winter coat. Normally, a winter coat while shopping is a classic rookie mistake, but it was freezing outside and I was forced to park far from the entrance of the outdoor shopping mall. When I noticed Ashton, my body went into it’s usual blush and sweat defense mode, because as I mentioned…

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