It’s prom season!!! Let’s let some prom stories out 🙂 Leave it to these two to create yet another genius word… ‘promposals’ AHHHH I just love you guys. I’ll be posting my prom experience tomorrow, thanks for the inspiration!

Penny and Polly

We all know how Polly feels about cheese. It’s about that time of year when “prom proposal” stories start popping up all over the place.

 When did this become a Thing? Am I the only person who didn’t go to high school on the CW?

 My 17 year old sister* is officially Too Cool for prom and will instead spend this adolescent rite of passage eating chips and watching Adventure Time. And as she will not be contributing a prom proposal story to the universe this year, I thought I’d re-contribute mine. It’s simply too adorable for the internet to miss out.

Once Upon a Time…

Around mid-April of 2006, Polly acquired her first boyfriend since kindergarten. We’ll call him Saxon, as he hailed from the UK and played a tenor sax; he was a year older and went to another school, both of which made him mysterious. Below is the 100% accurate recounting of…

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