My Awkward Life: Senior Prom

promTo start the story of my high school prom, I should go ahead and share with you that I was the backup date for three guys.  You heard me, backup date.  x3.  Two of the guys weren’t as explicit in their request but one of my guy friends, Adam (who was in fact ‘cool’ and who I may have had a small crush on), quite literally said “Hey Sarah, I really want to ask Hot Junior Girl to prom but I’m afraid she’s not going to say yes… if she doesn’t, will you go with me?”  The worst part was I said “Yeah of course! That’d be fun!”

A few weeks later I was sitting next to Adam in class; prom was now two weeks away so I asked him if there was any progress with Hot Junior Girl.  In my alternate reality Hot Junior Girl turned him down which caused him to realize his undying love for me and as he stared intently into my deep blue eyes and my perfectly airbrushed face whilst my long, flowing hair was being blown back by a light breeze, he said “Hot Junior Girl who?” Back to reality: he opened his binder to search for his homework assignment as I shifted nervously in my athletic pants and unisex tshirt he said “Oh! Yeah! Sorry!  I forgot to tell you!! She said yes!  Isn’t that great?!”

Yup.  Sure is.

Later that day I was in my accounting class with Ms. Friar; she was an older woman and that over eager high school teacher that would do anything she could to be a part of her students’ lives.  Ms. Friar started class that day with: “Who all is going to prom!??!  Raise your hand!”  There were only ten of us in this class, two of which were Adam’s close friends and also happened to be friends of mine.  This could get awkward.  Nine of the ten students raised their hands.  Who was the lone tenth with their hand resting quietly in their lap?  This girl.  I may or may not have scratched my right eyebrow just so my hand would make a movement in a general upward direction.  Irrelevant.

She continued by saying “OOHHHHH this is so fun!  Ok.  Let’s go around the room and I want to hear who you’re going with.”  She quite obviously misinterpreted my eyebrow scratch.  She started on my side of the room – Brian said his date, Nick said his date, and then there was me… third in line against the firing squad.  I tried to say “I don’t think I’m going” as confidently and nonchalantly as possible, but that was all ruined when Ms. Friar’s jaw dropped in response to my statement.  It’s always awkward in high school when teachers try and tell you how great you are… which in reality just reiterates the fact that you’re most certainly not cool.  So don’t worry, she went on a rant in front of the class, inspired by my lack of prom date, how high school boys need to wisen up and start opening their eyes blaaaah blllah blah. Thanks Ms. Friar – I’ll make sure and let them know.

Sadly this was just kind of a normal day in my awkward high school life, so it didn’t really phase me.  I went to the rest of my classes for the day and when school was over, I was boppin’ out the door when Kevin caught up to me.  Kevin was “cool” and cute, we had had a few classes together and had mutual friends but had never really hung out.  He said “Hey! I hear you don’t have a date to prom, do you want to go with me??”

Wait… so this isn’t a request for a backup date, right?  This is an actual ask??  I didn’t want to be excited because I thought that I didn’t care… but turns out when he asked me, I was definitely excited.  I said “Yeah, that’d be a lot of fun!”  So we worked out our plans for prom.

Before you go thinking that this is the end of the story, let me remind you that this is my life we’re talking about here.

When one of my friends asked me who I was going to prom with and I enthusiastically said Kevin!  Their response was… oh really?  I heard he was going with Kristin.  Don’t worry, he was.

I was in fact asked by Rogerhis identical twin.  I must have been lost in the excitement of actually being asked to my own prom that I forgot to look at which side of the face his freckle was on, go figure.  I’m pretty sure that in our graduating class of 500+, I was the only one that couldn’t tell those two apart.

yes I Facebook creeped.  Still have no clue!!

yes I Facebook creeped. Still have no clue!!

Oh and don’t worry, it gets worse.

Come to find out, the reason Kevin Roger had asked me was because Ms. Friar announced to the rest of her classes that day that Sarah [LAST NAME] (me) did not have a date to her senior prom.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she held everyone hostage until someone agreed to take me, because that’s just the kind of teacher she was…

Funny sidenote: Kevin and Roger were not just identical twins… they were identical BREAKDANCING twins.  You know you’re jealous ;)   Prom was great, definitely had a blast but have not lived that one down.

5 thoughts on “My Awkward Life: Senior Prom

  1. Have always been fascinatedby the whole prom thing, over in my neck of the woods it is as strange a concept as wishing someone a nice day when they leave a shop you happen to work in.
    Love it though, and great story!

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