And That is That

Sometimes you have to take a look in the mirror and say “okay, we’re finished here.” In a concluding remark to a blog I haven’t written yet (my bad) I have to say that the final bell has rung on this relationship-to-be and it’s time to move on. Rather than loiter in the ashes of a burning bridge it’s time to move on and find the next girl. Sitting around waiting for girls to change their mind on what they want to do with their life is wasting your precious time. Move to “radio silence” as far as texting at this time and don’t respond to that last text that you received. Just because you are moving on from a relationship’s stagnant period doesn’t mean that it cannot be rekindled at a later date but for now, move on! The summer is about to start and all of the eligible bachelorettes are awakening from their winter slumber. Get out there and find them!

PS Kind of a downer post but I’m trying to put a couple girls in the rear view mirror!

3 thoughts on “And That is That

  1. While I applaud your self-awareness, and that you’re taking the time to think this out… don’t you think it might be a better idea to just flat out tell the girls that you are shelving that they are being shelved? I find it absurd that men get annoyed by women over-analyzing things like unreturned texts, while other men are admitting that it’s their actual plan for ending a relationship. Try just being honest. Isn’t everyone deserving of that much respect?

    • A very fair question, however through the fact that the main girl in question here has not only avoided texting and meeting up in person for the last few weeks I think that I may be the person that has already been “shelved” or Slow-Played me as we often refer to it on this site. I’m simply trying to retain what slight dignity I have in this situation (hyperbole) by easing off of texting and making plans for a while. If I happen to see the girl out and flames rekindle then so be it, I am just not going to over-extend myself any further. She knows I’m interested and that is that.

      The other other person mentioned in this post is a girl I have been interested in for years that has been stringing me along. I am also trying to distance myself from that scenario since it’s been so unhealthy in the past.

      I’m not trying to burn bridges with either of these girls but am rather trying to lessen my interest in them. I personally think that texting either of them and saying “hey I don’t think we should talk for a while” would be unreasonable since I’ve only known one of them for a month and the other for most of my life.

      Let me know what you think.


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