About the Authors

We are coworkers that use our coffee breaks to share the latest dating mishaps, theories, and [very few] success stories with each other.  We are so entertaining that we could no longer keep these stories to ourselves.

Meet Ryan:

He is a recent college graduate who continuously gets in his own way. He is very good at initiating conversation and getting girls interested but is renowned for his lack of ability to close. He is sometimes referred to as a bro and is the guy at the bar wearing a button down talking about sports.  Sarah is currently coaching him on how to avoid what she calls the Unintentional-Intentional-Self-Sabotage.

Meet Sarah:

She’s always been considered ‘one of the guys’ because of her love for sports and cheap beer (notice the Solo Cup).  Blessed with a quick wit and lack of filter, she is constantly trying to recover from horrible texts and cliche phrases used in her everyday life.  Ryan is currently coaching her on how to become The Hot Girl.

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