It’s Better to Slowplay Than to Be Slowplay’d

A few weeks back I had an interesting event occur to me that I decided not to blog about due to the fact that I was concerned that the girl in question could turn out to be a real thing. Fast forward about a month and I’ve decided that all’s fair in blogging and war so I’m just going to go for it and share the story.

Recurring characters Mario and Cob had a house party about a month ago for Cob’s birthday. Whenever the three of us get together bad things happen, which is probably the reason why we didn’t live together this year. The party started at 1PM on a Saturday so I arrived around 3:30 simply due to the fact that I knew that if I had arrived any earlier I would be blackout around 4. It was your standard house party, complete with bags, kegstands, and a funnel coming from a second-floor balcony. Pretty college stuff.

Just a glimpse of the festivities

On a very related note, I had previously scoped the list of “attending” guests on Facebook (standard operating procedure) and saw that a girl I had been interested in for a while was going to be attending. I put my odds of getting with that girl if she was at the party at around 65% so I was obviously pretty excited about it. Fast forward to the party and I find out that she will not be attending and make a quick decision to simply bro out and get real drunk (really mixing it up). After working my way through too many beers in too little time I had a good glow going and started playing bags with Cob and some of the guys. I was playing when all of the sudden a girl who I’ve known for a while (1) but always thought was out of my league came up to me and started talking to me.

Girl: Hey I’ve been meaning to talk to you, my uncle owns a record store a couple towns away, you should come with me sometime and check it out. I think my uncle could give you a deal on some records.

Wide-eyed Slightly Confused Ryan: Yeah that sounds awesome, I’d absolutely be down for that!

Sidenote: My three favorite things in life are Music, Sports, and Drinking (in no particular order). This was a special moment where all three were intersecting at once. I cherished it.

So I talked to Record Store Girl (RSG) for a while and then she left the party. I proceeded to get VERY intoxicated and ended up talking to some of my friends trying to get a read on her. The consensus was that she never hooks up with someone so she was probably genuinely interested in me. Nice!

Can get lost in these places for HOURS

The next day I was walking to a buddy’s house when I received a Twitter message from her (random) talking about the record store and sending me the Yelp review (thorough) to read through about it. I quickly turned the Twitter message into her phone number and we discussed going to the record store the next weekend.

Flash forward to the next weekend and I went through all sorts of hoops to borrow a car to drive to this record store. On the way to pick up the car I got a text from her saying that her uncle can’t go to the store today…womp womp.  Thinking on my toes I asked her if she wanted to get together at a bar near her and watch football. She agreed and I headed her way in my friend’s car (sidenote: He had “Licensed to Ill” in the CD player so it made for an AWESOME ride over).

A Classic

I went to RSG’s apartment and thankfully her roommate, a good friend of mine, was there to make it a little more casual. We went to the bar and had a few beers to cut the tension and first date awkwardness and then I suggested we go back to her apartment to watch the local team play since the bar was getting overcrowded (patting myself on the back right now). She agreed and we went back and hung out with our mutual friend had a couple more beers and an overall really good time. I left after a somewhat-awkward hug and went back to my apartment. I’d give myself a B+ performance so I’m okay with that.

We texted a little during the week and then I suggested that we go out for dinner early in the following week. She accepted but then the day of she said that she was going to have to stay late at work and couldn’t make it. In my typical self-sabotaging Ryan mode, I took that as an insult and sign that she was no longer interested in me. After a “stop being an idiot text” from Sarah I realized that she may have actually had to work late and, in fact, did not hate me.

A few days later was her birthday, and I had not been invited directly to the party but all of my friends were going. After I stopped being a bitch I decided to go and ended up having a blast. I only talked to her a few times but got pretty good vibes both times. Overall I just hung out with my friends and enjoyed a few Miller High Life cans (I’m classy).  I sent her a text the following day just saying Happy Birthday and that I had a lot of fun the previous night at her party. She quickly sent me a brief response saying that she had a great time too and that was that. She had a lot of friends up from other parts of the country so I assumed she was hanging out with them and didn’t want to text (read: I over-analyzed an innocent text for 20 minutes because I’m an idiot).

At this point Sarah simply said to me “Don’t text her for a while, she knows you’re there and that you are interested” (she is wise) so I have to deal with the fact that this girl is slowplaying me. Damn! Stay tuned loyal fans I’m guessing that this is not the last you will hear of RSG.

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