Meet College Scott

I can’t quite tell yet how heavily invested you faithful readers are to mine and Ryan’s actual love lives… or if you really just want the entertaining stories.  My personal opinion is that you’re in it for the entertainment… but I’ll go ahead and give this one a shot because I sincerely thought this may be it for me!!


(Did I trick you with that feature photo of the girls in swimsuits??? Good.  Keep reading)

The story begins in August of 2004 upon my arrival at my college campus for freshman move-in day.  Coming from Seattle, I could not have been more out of place at the private Christian university in Small Town, West Texas.  The Texas beauties rolled up with their manly men dads with cutoff shorts, tan legs, athletic figures and gorgeous blonde hair with their closet 43 friends and their entire extended family unloading their Uhauls…

Welcome to Texas, y'all!

Welcome to Texas, y’all!

Then there was my mom and I, pulling up in our rental mini-van carrying everything I owned in our two sets of arms.  I could not have felt more out of place.freshmovein

Two guys that obviously were students there approached my mom and I and offered to help move things in.  My Mom took this as an opportune moment to play wingman by talking off these guys’ ears and suggesting we exchange numbers so I have friends to hangout with …………thanks, Mom.

Brad (left) and Scott (right)

Brad (left) and Scott (right)

The guys were brothers… the older one, Brad, was starting his junior year and the younger one, Scott, was starting his freshman year.  Scott and I stood there uncomfortably as my mom and Brad laughed and joked around.

Move-in happened.  Mom left.  Let Welcome Week begin.

I showed up to meet the Welcome Week group and our peer group leader showed up… it was none other than Brad.  I was hoping he wouldn’t recognize me… but sure enough, “Sarah!! No way!!! So great to see you again!!!” … in front of everyone, mind you.  Alright I’ll give it to him… he was extremely friendly with a great memory.  Didn’t hurt that he was pretty cute.  As the first semester got up and rolling I quickly learned that Brad was the guy on campus… everyone loved him… professors, girls, lunch ladies… you name it.  He was also the all-star intramural athlete for the pretty boy frat on campus and the guy that headed up volunteer projects every weekend to save orphans in Africa… the reason everyone loved him was because he genuinely was an all-around great guy.

Brad receiving the Mr. [University] Award from our president

Brad receiving the Mr. [University] Award from our president

His friendliness to me never wore off and the entire rest of his college career [as a 6th year senior] he would stop what he was doing any time he saw me on campus, say hi, introduce me to whoever he was talking to and make sure I was having a good day.  Can’t hate that… snaps, Brad.

You’d think I’d be swooning, but I was always intrigued by Scott.

I may have been the only one, but I thought he was way cuter than Brad… the problem was he never talked.  To anyone!  We shared the same major so we had a number of classes together and would exchange casual hellos when it was appropriate but nothing beyond that…

Until one day after class spring semester of our senior year we walked out of the building at the same time, ended up having parked next to each other and for some reason talked for FORTY FIVE MINUTES.  Senior year and now the guy talks to me.  You better believe I went home and raved to my four housemates about it.

Graduation was in May of 2008.  Later Brad/Scott/friends, later West Texas… Helloooooooooo City!skyline

In October of 2010 I found out through a number of mutual friends that Brad and Scott’s mom passed away… I checked in on Brad via Facebook and his wall was filled with sweet messages from his [literal] 2,000+ friends.  I clicked over to Scott’s page and no sweet messages on his wall.  Granted, Scott is the guy that logs on to Facebook once every three months (at best) and has had the same profile picture for more than 6 years… but still.  At that point in my life I was in love/dating The Ex so with absolutely no intentions behind it, but I sent Scott a message to let him know that I lost my dad in college and I was there if he needed me.  I didn’t expect any response as I was sure he was totally taken care of.

Well he did respond.  With a crazy long message with loads of feelings and lots of heartbreak.  Wow.  I told The Ex the situation and that I was going to keep in touch with Scott;  The Ex didn’t mind so Scott and I messaged back and forth about family stuff for the next few months.

Our messages got fewer and further between which I took as a good sign that he was healing and moving on.  We went a few months without exchanging a message until I was going to be in his Current City for a family thing.  Keep in mind this is now May of 2011.  I sent him a message and we decided to meet up for coffee early one morning.  Conversation was easy, he was more talkative than ever, hilarious and no mention of hurt or heartbreak… wow!  I was glad to see him doing so well.  Turns out both of our families moved to our college town after we graduated, so we joked about how we’d see each other for the holidays.  I left coffee with a heart at peace knowing that he was doing well and life was moving forward for him.

Two months later I was dumped by The Ex.

Four months later it was Thanksgiving.  The year is 2011.  I was going to Small Town West Texas and Scott crossed my mind… hmmm… I reached out to see if he was going to be in town and if he wanted to meet up for a drink.  He did.  With me, him and Brad.  Wtf… do we need a chaperone?!    I couldn’t bail at this point and plans changed where he had me come over to his cousins house (?)… where he played video games and I talked with Brad and his gf (one of my old sorority sisters).  Of course it was great to see them.. but umm… hello!?!?  SCOTT!  I’M OVER HERE!!megaphone

I was so embarrassed I wrote him off and didn’t reach out to him again.

Fast forward a year and two months later (January 2013)… I received a Facebook message from him (referenced in my Bat Signal post).scottmessage

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