Random Question: Middle names on Facebook

Why the hell have we moved to a world where girls have the option of using their middle names on Facebook? I respect the fact that slutty girls show most of their pictures online in a public profile, but the fact that I have to guess their middle name to earn this forbidden fruit is simply too much work.  It’s hard enough to remember what the girl you were talking to at the bar looks like, but now you have to solve the quadratic formula just to figure out what she actually looks like? ( ( Is this really the approach that needs to be taken:

Ryan: Hey (girl’s name) I had a really good time with you tonight, we should do this again. Can I get your number?
Girl: Yeah me too, lets definitely do this again!
(exchange occurs, girl puts phone number in your phone and texts you because thats how you have to do it)
Ryan: Awesome…Oh I see that you forgot your middle name in there, can you just go back and enter that too, thanks!
Girl: (confused) Um, why do you want my middle name?
Ryan: (quick time to bullshit while smiling and moving your hands [may confuse her]) I just think that it could really help me get to you know you, you know? (terrible line)
Girl: (still confused) Oh yeah, I totally get you that makes sense. (takes phone and enters name)
Ryan: Awesome this really was a lot of fun, I’ll talk to you soon (time to get the hell out of there)

Short of asking the girl to friend you in the bar (or get LinkedIn which has happened to me more than you’d think) it’s getting to the point where it is very difficult to find these girls online.  Facebook was created to stalk, why can’t we bring it back to its roots?

5 thoughts on “Random Question: Middle names on Facebook

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